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The 65th Hunger GamesEdit

Trifecta Partmoon was participant in the 65th Hunger Games. She is from District 1 and she is very well-rounded and against fighting when her life isn't at risk. She came in second place after killing her boyfriend, Fred Griph, to end his suffering, and killing herself to save one of her "allies" that wasn't a Career, the District 5 boy, Reef Fasten. She didn't dare think about killing him, because he reminded her too much of her younger twin brother, Cory Partmoon, who died in training for the Hunger Games. His last words to her were "Don't kill anyone, please. Not if you get picked. Not ever..."

This caused her to rethink her life. When she got picked for the Hunger Games, before anyone could volunteer she grabbed the microphone from the escort and announced that she wanted to be picked and she didn't want anyone to volunteer. She was highly respected throughout the district, so they did as she asked. When the male counterpart was reaped, her boyfriend Fred volunteered to protect her, knowing that she wasn't really a Career tribute.


During training she immediately noticed that the boy from 2 was suicidal, and the girl from 2 was someone who couldn't be trusted. She noticed that the boy from 4, Beck Statter, was a real Career, and Beck and Fred became friends and allies. She also noticed the girl from 4, Trinity Vallex, was not a Career, and was anxious and preparing to die.

In the ArenaEdit

Even though she didn't like killing people, she did as she was instructed to do in training: stay alive in the arena. It was only during the Bloodbath did she realize that Reef, the boy from 5, was just like her brother Cory, so she protected him in any way she could without letting the rest of the Careers know her plan. The rest of the Careers from the Career districts ran away and betrayed the pack while some died in the Bloodbath.

After Fred and Beck found out her plan to protect Reef, they grew angry with her, and that's when the pink bird mutts bit some of leg off her body. She then pretended to die, allowing Fred and Beck to leave her there. So then she and Reef become allies.

An announcement came on in the arena saying that there would be another Bloodbath at the Cornucopia. This came on right after Beck had died, presumably because he had slapped Trifecta before she "died" causing Fred to get mad at him.


After killings in the Bloodbath, Fred, Trifecta, and Reef were the only ones left. That's when Trifecta killed Fred after one last kiss, and when she killed herself and when Reef was crowned victor.