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Reef Fasten

The 65th Hunger GamesEdit

Reef Fasten was the male contender from District 5 in the 65th Hunger Games. He was also a victor, after his ally, Trifecta Partmoon   from District 1 , killed herself and her district partner to save Reef. Reef never forgot Trifecta. And after mentoring a girl from District 5 who looked like Trifecta, he was found dead, lying on his bedroom floor in the Capitol. He had commited suicide. He never thanked Trifecta for saving his life so he decided that killing himself would repay his debt.


It is noted that Reef had no real family back home in District 5. His older siblings had been killed in an electrocution incident at work, and his parents had been dead long before that. His siblings were the only ones who knew why, and when they died, he had no way of knowing why his arents died. This is one reason why he was glad he had been chosen to be in the Hunger Games. He had no life anyway, so he decided that dying in an arena full of kids like him might not be so bad.


Reef won the 65th Hunger Games but he never wanted to. He was about to die in the Bloodbath, while managing to escape the violent battle, but he was caught by Fred and Beck and was cut on his thigh, but Trifecta stopped her fellow Careers to save his life. Later on in the Games, Reef kept going to Trifecta's camp to help and bring food or supplies that she needed when Fred and Beck were gone. One night they caught them together and they were about to kill Reef but he ran away just in time.Trifecta acted as if she were dead so that they would leave her. Then Reef came back and became allies.


In the second Bloodbath at the Cornucopia, Trifecta saved Reef. Reef became the victor of the 65th Hunger Games and killed himself years after his victory. The people at the Capitol were "confused" as to why he would commit suicide, but it was obvious to everyone else in the districts. He was mentoring a girl similar to Trifecta , and the memories were so harsh, he killed himself by stabbing himself in his stomach, as Trifecta did in the Hunger Games. He also did it on the same day that Trifecta died, April 27. His action, although looked down upon by many, was honored in every district. Both Trifecta and Reef memorials were set up. But Peacekeepers were ordered to take them down the next day by burning them. But some took the ashes an spread it upon their graves. This is the highest action of respect in District 5 .

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